Equipment buying list

Photographer buy expensive supplies to help them with their photography. I would by a Oben CTT -1000 Carbon fiber tabletop tripod it costs $99.95, it’s good keeping the camera still, you could use it for low aperture photo’s. To take pictures for portrait or more I would need a camera flash, A Godox V1 flash for Sony costs$259.00. Camera memory is important to save your photo’s and to have space for Raw photo’s for better photo’s, the 128 GB cost about $152.99 each. If I were to do portrait photography I would choose a lens that would show depth of field, A lens to help with that is a $1,899.00 lens of  the Canon EF  24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens. The most important thing to have is a camera, I would choose a Sony a1 mirrorless camera which is $6,498.00. The total for everything is $8,808.99 I would have $41,191.01 left, I would use the rest for supplies to make different kinds of photo’s in the future like if someone would want a photo with a bunch of candles as an example I would use the money to buy it.