Read and Write

Being a professional photographer can be fun. You are able to work at home by editing the images and sending emails. Whenever you feel uninspired the best thing you can do is play with the camera, try different techniques. You get to be creative with your own pictures. It could be handy when you go to an event like a weddings and parties for family members. Photography can be like therapeutic and a stress relief because you could have patience for taking photo’s. If you are into art you could take your own photo’s that you made as a reference photo to paint, draw, and etc.  Not every week is going to be the same because you would be working on different projects, you would work with people, take pictures of plants, landscapes and more. If you were to look at some iconic photo’s in the past some of it has a story or a hidden meaning behind it. Editing can also be helpful since you get to try to adjust the image and try different tools. Many great artists are part of sponsorships or fashion.