Social and political issue in art

This month is September and it’s suicide prevention month. Anyone can agree that suicide should be prevented, I feel really bad for the family that has to go through a loss one that had to go that way. Someone told me that it won’t fix the pain it just passes it on to someone else, It makes them wonder what they did wrong and they think that they were a bad mother, father and etc. Or to think of the reason why you held on longer, I would always think about family. We have to know the signs to help prevent another one being gone. I know how they feel it when it was in 2021 and it’s a horrible feeling to have because your not afraid of death and you stop taking care of yourself, I wouldn’t get enough sleep because of it, The only person that notice was someone I knew from the 5th grade I was surprised that they notice because I don’t think my own family noticed. I chose this topic because I was going to make that mistake and anyone can have it but we don’t notice because people can lie how they feel.