The power point talks about camera settings and the use for items to help you take the type of photo you want. There are three different kinds of lens focal length, One of them are Terminology, Lens focal length and typical photography use. They also talk more about the ISO setting and how sensitive it can be depending on what you have it set on. To get rid of noise in the camera you can lower the ISO to avoid it. The typical NTSC frame rate is 30 frames per second. Tripods can be very useful in photography to keep the camera still. The aperture also known as the F-stop is how much the lens open. Larger lenses can open a bigger aperture, they can be expensive but they can help her take good photo’s. A way to describe a lens is look at the words on the lens it will show whether it’s a zoom or prime lens, the series and aperture. White balance can help with the white and greys with no color tint.